Chapter 5. Web Interface concepts

Now that Virtual Postman is installed, we will introduce you to the concepts involved in using the web interface.

5.1. Definitions

In describing the web interface we will use some of the following terms:


A node is a document type in which documents where imported to from your ERP/accounting system, scanned in from the Scan Client, or uploaded directly through the web interface.


A category is a parent to a node. It will contain a whole set of nodes that relate to that category. A Virtual Postman system can have multiple categories.


An index is a column within the document listing that will describe certain attributes of the document and can be used when searching for documents that have specific value. The indexes are not predefined and can be changed as and when neccessary.


An envelope is the packaging of the of a document and it destination details, subject and message body. This is used when sending e-mails, FTPs, print jobs or zipping documnets you want to download onto your machine.


Uploading is the act of putting a document onto the server from your machine or external drive.